*BONUS Episode* A Quick Conversation with Bob McCoy (R) & Bill Richmond (D) Candidates for Mayor of Winchester, Indiana *BONUS*


October 2nd, 2019

9 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

This recording is of my 2 quick conversations with Bob McCoy (R) & Bill Richmond (D) Candidates for Mayor of Winchester, Indiana... after the Candidate Forum that was held on Monday, September 30th, 2019!

They have both been running for office since February of 2019 and have both refused to answers questions! After the Forum I was able to catch them one on one... where I was able to get some pretty unbelievable stuff!

First off, the 2 Candidates running against each other made an agreement back at the start of the race, between themselves and some other folks that ARE NOT RUNNING AS CANDIDATES, that they would not talk with me!

Then, when I first get to talk with Bob McCoy I ask if he was going to talk with me or hide from me and he said he "wouldn't interview with me" and I said I wasn't asking him for an interview... I was asking him as a voter in that election... and he said that was fine... then he said "he was concerned with what gets twisted" I then asked him what got twisted and that is where he finally let me know the real reason he wouldn't talk to me... he said "who did you endorse in the last election?" MEANING... he was mad that I endorsed his opponent in the 2018 County Council race... after I interviewed with both candidates!

SOOO even though I treated him fairly... and respectfully! He was just upset that I endorsed his opponent in another race!

He then stated another reason he hasn't had a chance to talk with me is because he has been "SOOO BUSY"! He went on to say that "his life has gotten so busy that had he known all this he would have withdrawn from the race!"

We then agreed that I would write out my questions and send them to him!

I then sent him a question asking if he would be quitting his full-time job and if he would be acting as a full-time Mayor, if elected and he then decided he WOULD NOT ANSWER ANY OF MY QUESTIONS!

I then approached Bill Richmond, Bob's opponent and asked if we could talk... and as you will hear, Bill decides if he will talk to me only after he asks his opponent (Bob) that I just talked to... RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, lol... you'll hear it all!