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About Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey

Host Kristopher H. Bilbrey is a no nonsense... well, maybe a little bit of nonsense... Political Activist, Local Government Watchdog & all around good Hoosier and God-fearing American citizen! With over 30 years experience in Local, State & National Politics and having a low threshold for stupidity, corruption & laziness within government... Bilbrey is in the unique position to help engage the hearts & minds of citizens, NOT ONLY, in his home state of Indiana... but Beyond.

Bilbrey has a passion for ensuring those in government are in compliance with the laws & practices of each City, County, State and the Constitution of the United States of America! He is committed to educating citizens about the importance of participating in government and he invites you to join in on the conversation. The focus here, will be to use real life common sense to work through the issues facing all of us... as we attempt to "Better Government through Citizen Involvement." One thing is certain... this podcast is sure to enlighten, entertain and/or enrage you as Bilbrey proves that most of the time, what it 'looks like' and 'seems like'... turns out to be 'just what it is', proving that on the stage of "Political Theater... Perception IS Reality!"


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