Episode 161

FUND the Police!


July 13th, 2021

1 hr 29 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Hosts Kristopher H. Bilbrey & Amber Greene discuss the VERY DIRE situation facing the citizens of Delaware, Co, Indiana due to "Serious Staffing Issues" in the Delaware County Sheriff's Department (Deputies & Correctional Officers)... as well as, Dispatchers in the 911 Call Center. The Sheriff's Dept. & the 911 Call Center are some of the LOWEST PAID employees in Indiana which means they can not compete with many other agencies looking to hire! Out of 18 agencies of comparable (or smaller) size that were surveyed, 15 had starting salaries for deputies/officers higher than Delaware County. THIS CAN & SHOULD BE FIXED!

The Delaware County Commissioners should publicly support the Delaware County Council in voting on a plan proposed by the Delaware County Sheriff to give raises to his employees! AND YOU CAN HELP!!!

You can email the Commissioners & the Council... to tell the Commissioners to support the Council in voting on the plan and telling the Council to vote on the plan! Then ask these officials to email you back letting you know where they stand!

Email the 3 County Commissioners here:

Commissioner James King:
[email protected]

Commissioner Shannon Henry:
[email protected]

Commissioner Sherry Riggin:
[email protected]

Email the 7 County Councilors here:

Councilor Ryan Ballard (Dist 1):
[email protected]

Councilor Ron Quakenbush (Dist 2):
[email protected]

Councilor Mary Chambers (Dist 3):
[email protected]

Councilor Jane Lasater (Dist 4):
[email protected]

Councilor Scott Alexander (At Large):
[email protected]

Councilor Jessica Piper (At Large):
[email protected]

Councilor Ryan Webb (At Large):
[email protected]

Link to Lt. Andy Payne's Facebook post:

Link to the Star Press Article on this issue:

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