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What's Up in Michigan?

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Kristopher H. Bilbrey welcomes co-host Carla "CC" Carnes to the show to take a look at the recent unrest in Michigan and to interview Rachel Atwood, a Michigan citizen.

During the recent pandemic, Americans have been giving up a lot of their rights in the name of "safety" and some politicians, with an agenda & their eye on advancement, have been trying to take even more!

Citizens in the State of Michigan were some of the first to start fighting back and Rachel Atwood, while shopping for her family at a Meijer, had enough and became one of those citizens! She made a "rant" video on facebook that went viral (see video here: https://bit.ly/atwoodvv). Now she is involved in the fight to take back her and her family's rights... and it's not because she is crazy about politics, nor is it because she is just "plain crazy"... NO! It's because of the situation her family is in where THEIR routine is needed! And disruption from the Government can be very harmful.

Rachel joins Bilbrey & CC to talk about her situation! And no matter if you agree or disagree... one thing is for sure! We still have a First Amendment Right! And this is a conversation that must take place so we can all talk about what we think, feel & believe... because that is what this is suppose to be about!

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Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey & Carla Carnes 04.25.20
Special Guest: Rachel Atwood
(Produced by: The Vulgar Poets)