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He Sees You When You're Sleeping

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Host Kristopher H. Bilbrey discusses the overreach that the local, state & federal government is engaging in for "safety sake" during this crisis! EXAMPLE: the Delaware County, Indiana Emergency Management Director stated in a "Covid 19" update to the citizens of the County, on 04.03.20, that the EMA is utilizing a website that collects "anonymous data" from citizens' cell phones to see movement trending in Delaware County! He then called the results "poor".

This is MAJOR overreach! And when pressed about it... the supporters of these actions say "the feds have been doing it forever" or "the cell phone companies have been doing it forever" NONE OF WHICH IS OK! We must stand firm in saying the answer CAN NOT BE: "If everyone else is doing it, they might as well too!" It is not ok when anyone does this and we talk about this and much more, in this episode, including: does Delaware County, IN need 200 body bags or is that just "fear mongering"?

Also, what other Elected Officials knew of this and/or what are their thoughts now?

Below you will find the FULL audio/video updates from Jason Rogers where the audio clips in this episode came from:
Jason Rogers: collecting cell phone data (link: https://youtu.be/ODbWOSTck_A)
Jason Rogers: 200 Body Bags (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd3VYi4LKDw&t=74s)
Jason Rogers: explaining collecting cell phone data (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba9HN1ZTRIY&t=372s)

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Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey 04.05.20
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