Episode 088

A Little Bit of Hope...

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About this Episode

Host Kristopher H. Bilbrey welcomes to the show, Special Guest: Pastor Austin Line.

After a last second scheduling conflict with another guest, we contacted Pastor Line to see if he would be willing to come on and give us a comforting message during what is an absolutely trying time for everyone (believer and nonbeliever alike). Being upfront with everyone... this episode is a religious (Christian) themed episode, that said, we understand that we have listeners of all different faiths that listen, including some that are "non-believers"... we fully respect everyone's personal feelings on these matters and this is not to be "overly preachy" but rather to offer a comforting word or "A Little Bit of Hope..." in a very scary time! Take the episode for what it is, please listen to it and then share it with others! The focus of the episode is to try and give a bit of comfort, ease and/or peace to listeners that might be nervous, worried or on edge throughout this pandemic!

Episode Time Line:
00:00 - 03:21 : Intro
03:22 - 14:12 : #AloneTogether causes unease
14:13 - 17:19 : Guest Introduction
17:20 - 40:35 : Pastor Austin Line's interview
40:36 - 43:44 : Pastor Austin Line's Prayer
43:45 - 49:09 : Where are Indiana's Covid 19 tests
49:10 - 50:00 : Outro

New Hope Church (formerly Pilgrim Holiness)
Rev James Southerland
Associate Pastor Austin Line
2720 S. Apache Pass
Muncie, IN 47302
Phone #: 765.286.2033

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Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey & Special Guest: Austin Line 03.24.20
(Produced by: The Vulgar Poets)