Episode 065

The Issue with Addressing Issues


December 17th, 2019

50 mins

Your Host

About this Episode

Kristopher H. Bilbrey talks about concerns that every day citizens seem to be having with what looks like a push for local governments to try and stop the public from talking at meetings... and while it is made clear that YES, it's better to be calm, and respectful... there is a time and a place for everything! It was just 246 years and one day ago (from the date of recording 12.17.19) that the Sons of Liberty threw some tea in the Boston Harbor (12.17.1773)! BE CIVIL... CIVIL DISCOURSE... CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!

Whats the issues... with addressing issues? There shouldn't be... and if there is... well, that's an issue!

Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey 12.17.19
(Produced by: The Vulgar Poets)