Episode 027

Refresher Course


August 4th, 2019

53 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

Kristopher H. Bilbrey discusses what the point of the show and "all this" is about... seeing that the listenership is increasing at a rapid pace it felt like a good time to give a recap on what we do here at 'Perception IS Reality'! A portion of the episode is dedicated to the victims of the deadly shootings in El Paso, TX & Dayton, OH and a prayer is offered! We wrap up by covering what is coming up in meetings around the area!

Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey 08.04.19
(Produced by: The Vulgar Poets)

"Secret Agent Man"
Preformed by: Johnny Rivers
Music & Lyrics by: P.F. Sloan & Steve Barri