Episode 012

If We Spend It, They... Will Come?


June 9th, 2019

41 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

Kristopher H. Bilbrey discusses EDIT or LIT (Economic Development Income Tax or Local Income Tax) being a fund that local governments are supposed to use to help with economic development... however, often times these funds can be used in ways that are questionable! And as citizens that are trying to be informed and engaged and that are attempting to Better Government Through Citizen Involvement... we need to keep an eye on these funds!

Also we cover a podcast from across the pond in Lancaster, Lancashire, England... the name of the podcast is: "If You've Been Affected..." and is a podcast that we here at 'Perception IS Reality' are teaming up with to trade information back and forth! You might listen to a bit of "If You've Been Affected..." and you can do so by going to: https://soundcloud.com/user-186955419. So check that out!

Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey 06.09.19
(Produced by: The Vulgar Poets)