Zac Khan is a co-founding partner of Aria Diagnostics based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Aria Diagnostics is a toxicology screening lab for narcotics and opioids. The company is contracted with doctors offices & other agencies all over America! With the Global Pandemic: "Covid 19" affecting the world, Aria pivoted to full-time Covid 19/Coronavirus test kit assembly and processing.

50,000 plus kits have been sent to New York from Aria. However, Indiana has not been so keen to partner with the company - yet.

Aria was founded in 2015 by Carmel High School classmates Zac Khan and Vipin Adhlakha, who is a molecular biologist. Khan & Adhlakha have not only been making these important tests, but they have even hired many furloughed workers from local businesses in the area, like Anthony’s Chophouse in Carmel.

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