Jordan Stevens is the owner of "Happy Goat Lucky Yoga" an agribusiness in Hamilton, County, Indiana, since 2018. However, when Covid 19 hit and social distancing became a must... Jordan decided to leave the building they were in for the open air of her farm.

There, her business thrived until the fall of 2021 when she found out the Hamilton County Government was saying she was not zoned properly for her business. And in a completely disgusting act of "Government Overreach" Hamilton County shut her down!

With a LOVE for what she was doing... a loss of income... and having to pay well over $500 to try and fight for the right to USE HER PROPERTY THE WAY SHE WANTS TO... she stood toe to toe with the Hamiltion County Planning & Zoning Boards... AND LOST!

They told her she could not run her business on her FARM! That's right, a FARM... out in the middle of the country... not hurting anyone... the Hamilton County Government shut down a thriving business!

But Jordan has fight in her... listen to her story in episode #171 to hear where she goes from here!

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