Anthony Tiller was born and lived most of his life in Winchester/Randolph County, Indiana. He served on the fire department there and lived a productive life until having to have back surgery in the early 2000's! After his surgery he, like many others, became addicted to pain meds and that set in motion a slippery slope to heroin addiction! After suffering in addiction for nearly 15 years he found the "Road to Redemption" and is now clean... through the help of God and his mentor he now helps lead a group for those in recovery, called the "Road to Redemption"!

Now Anthony's mission in life is to help those in recovery and fight to them them clean and others from ever being addicted.

To find information oon the recovery group "Road to Redemption" click the following link:

"Road to Redemption" meetings every Thursday from 6-8pm

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